Late Summer/Early Fall Potlucks

It’s been quiet around here at SFEB headquarters, but we’re back!  And what better way to return with another gathering of like-minded folks around a table laden with fresh bounty from the harvest season?

Mark your calendar for Sunday September 30th at 6:00pm and plan to join in an evening of potlucks spread across the East Bay! It will be time to connect with other members, discuss issues of the day (Cottage Food Laws! Prop 37! Best places to forage for figs… Favorite Dandelion Green recipes… Secrets for the creamiest mashed potatoes… Where to get heirloom turkeys for Thanksgiving!) and talk about what you would all like from us, the SFEB volunteers and our valiant little chapter.  Oh, and celebrate the harvest season by enjoying some gorgeous food – since that’s truly the essence of the Slow Food experience.  🙂

We’re looking for a few generous people to host these dinners anywhere in the East Bay — you get to determine the number of people, the theme of the evening (if you’d like to set one) and we at SFEB will handle attendee sign-ups and provide a representative to help you set up, guide the dinner, and clean up afterward.  Please email Willow ASAP if you’re interested or would like more information.

Sign ups for attending will come as soon as we have a minimum of four hosts!


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