October Potluck Meeting Follow Up Notes – More Talk of Fish!

Thanks to Adam & Ana from Sunrise Fish for joining us to share the experience of fishing locally and selling direct fisher to consumer.  And for sharing their absolutely delish halibut ceviche  J

Subjects that came up during the evening:

  • Mercury levels in various in fish, fear of toxins in SF Bay fish
  • Best choices for fish varieties, where to buy and who to buy from – who is trustworthy?
  • How do we encourage restaurants and stores to buy more sustainably?
  • The huge paperwork issues involved with selling fish direct – and the idea of expanding Cottage Food Laws to cover one-man animal protein businesses like Adam’s

Planned for March 10-13 2016, Slow Fish 2016 in New Orleans: Gateway to the Americas is right around the corner.  We’d like to send two fishers – ideally Adam and Kirk of The Sea Forager, who spoke at our film event in August.  It’s important to be sure our area and the particular concerns of the Bay and the Pacific fisheries is represented when people gather to address the he many environmental, ecological, economic and political challenges that impact fisheries, habitats, oceans, sustainable fishers and cultural seafood systems

As far as we have been able to figure, costs associated will be the flights, approximately $100 per person for the cost of the conference, and approximately $60-$100 per person for lodging.  With flights currently running at around $360 round trip, that is a total of $1100+/-.

We brainstormed on fundraising events and came up with two options/ideas:

  • A series of cooking with fish classes focusing on the smallest and most sustainable of the fishes such as mackerel, herring and anchovies. The hope would be to introduce more people to them and eliminate the fear of what to do and what they taste like.  Education on fishing techniques and the sustainability of various fisheries would be an integral part of class.  The needs for these would be:
  • Kitchen space – commercial kitchens that would donate or give us space for a lower rate
  • Instructors – who would like to offer up expertise?
  • Fish – we will need to gather fish from the local fishmongers and fishers, paying the a fair wage for their product
  • A full day trip to the Sonoma coast (Tomales Bay) with Kirk to forage for shellfish and seaweed and then use things to cook up a big lunch. Kurt has a pretty good plan in place for how to accomplish this event, having run foraging trips often in the past.  This would be a more expensive ($150?) option and obviously more time and energy intensive with the drive, the need to gather cooking equipment, the extra food needed for the lunch, etc.

Please let us know your thoughts – would you be interested in either attending or helping out with either of these ideas?  Email Willow: willow.slowfood@gmail.com with feedback and offers!

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