Saturday Sept 15th: Tomato U-Pick at Mariquita Farm

First of all, please accept our most humble apologies for the horribly late notice for this event.  We all at SFEB have had busy busy summers, and getting organized and connected with the fabulous folks at Mariquita happened later and took longer than we had expected.

But no worries – because there are PLENTIFUL tomatoes out there!  You may have heard that this year’s crop has been a little slow off the ground (Oliveto even had to postpone their famous tomato dinners – though they are now on the calendar for September 18th-21st, if you want to book your spots.  No pressure, of course, just sayin’).  But that late harvest benefits us, as we will be sure to have lots of choose from. (And yes, we do mean LOTS – varieties we’ve had access to in the past included Cherokee Purple and Cherokee Green, Pink and Yellow Brandywines Striped German, Beefsteak, San Marzano, and both Dry-Farmed and Irrigated Principe Borghese!)

So if the mention of 20 pound boxes of tomatoes makes your mouth salivate at the idea of ‘fresh’ heirloom tomato sauce in the dreary February days, plan to join us once again for a morning u-pick at Mariquita Farm in Hollister!  This year we have booked Saturday, September 15th as our day at the farm, with the plan to pick throughout the morning (10am to noon) and then gather to enjoy a potluck picnic lunch before heading back home.  We ask for a $5 donation to SFEB in order to join us, payable when you reserve your spot.

We are still confirming per pound pricing and exact varieties available, but in the meantime, sign up online (spots are limited!), and start planning a seasonally appropriate potluck dish to add to the Slow Food table.

UPDATE, 9.5.2012 – Andy has sent through more information on prices & administrative details.  This is what he’s offering:

  • Organic Tomatoes: 75¢/lb (exact availability could change, but most likely Beefsteak, Green Zebra, a few other heirlooms, San Marzanos and five kinds of cherry tomatoes)
  • Dry Farmed Early Girls: $1.50/lb
  • Padron Peppers: $2.00/lb

He reminds us that we all need to bring our own flat or bags for transport (important!).  Also, the farm stand will be open if you’re in need of other veggies in the moment.

We look forward to sharing in this labor of love & lycopene with you all!

2 Responses to Saturday Sept 15th: Tomato U-Pick at Mariquita Farm

  • Hello,
    what time will the event begin and end?

  • Sorry for the missing information! We will pick from 10am until noon+/- and then break for lunch, with the thought that we’ll be finishing by 1:30pm.

    Do hope you’ll join us!

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