Welcome to Slow Food East Bay!

We are in the midst of some reinvention — of our website, of our leadership team, and of our role in the world of food in San Francisco’s East Bay.  Please excuse the ‘construction dust’ around here!

SFEB is a the local chapter of Slow Food, an international organization focused on the promotion and support of Good, Clean and Fair Food.  We strive to connect people with their local food communities — whether that be by working on community gardens in urban areas, visiting & purchasing food at local farmers markets, supporting legislation that protects our food sources, learning new (old!) kitchen skills such as food preservation, or just sitting down to a potluck meal and enjoying food and wine with other like-minded folks.

Feel free to peruse the information here, check us out on Facebook or MeetUp or contact us if you’d like to learn more or get involved.

We look forward to meeting you soon over a plate of good, fresh, local, seasonal and yummy food!

The Slow Food East Bay Team



About SFEB

Slow Food East Bay is San Francisco's East Bay chapter of Slow Food. We're one of over 210 chapters in the U.S. operating within the network of the national non-profit organization Slow Food USA. The leaders of Slow Food East Bay are ordinary people who volunteer their time to bring Slow Food's values to our community. We aren't "foodies" and we don't all work in food. We do all believe that organizing our community to share and support good food is a cause that's worth our time and passion. The volunteer leadership team consists of a few elected positions and a planning committee that advises them, offering input and planning...

Get Involved

We believe that every one of us has a right to enjoy good, clean and fair food and that we can all be "food activists" in our everyday lives. You don't have to attend meetings or sit in trees to claim a stake in the food system: food activists are people who cook, garden, share meals, meet their farmers and food producers, cooperate and invite new and old friends to come sit down at their table. Become a member Slow Food is a grassroots non-profit supported by members who pay annual dues. You should become a Slow Food member for the same reason you would attend a march: because you believe in the cause.  There are 3 ways to...